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Yes, I fell fr it. Paid the $189 for a two year membership followed by the $199 for the book that was due for the second quarter of 2016. I though the two free airline vouchers would be great. Holy *** what a lie. In order to get them, you have to stay a certain number of nights at a certain hotel which costs tons of money. But, they kept calling wanting that lifetime membership and each time I said no the price got lowered. Since I had... Read more

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I fell for this, spent over $500.00, suppose to have 4 round trip airfare tickets, have seen no magazine and this is July. Hang up and run, luckily they have an old credit card. Should of known. Can't people just be honest, I thought I actually accomplished something and was recognized for it. Does anyone know how to go about getting my money back? This stuff needs to stop, it is getting way out of hand. Funy how they don't return calls either,... Read more

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Man phones... Identifies his company... shoots with 20 questions... then asked "why do you want to be included in who's who?" my reply... (as I thought to myself who is "who's who" and what do they do?) I guess for the purpose of networking... you guys sent us about 5 emails asking for basic info... name... name of organization... so we decided to reply.... we were not really interested... you called us... but you can tell us... then the person... Read more

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COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE BUILDING PROPOSALS <>BUSINESS PLAN Prepared by: Engr Benneth Akuruka Date: 4thMay, 2015 Page Confidentiality Agreement Section One Executive Summary 1.1 Purpose of the plan 1.2 Section Two Company Description ... Read more

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This company went above and beyond what its normal limits were for me !I have had outstanding customer service by all the employees working there,especially by Ann Silas. Who treated me with dignity and respect. It's a Honor to be chosen by this company for inclusion in their registry's. An Honor that I know is real when I talk to others and they see my plaques hanging on my wall and then they all say the same thing " Oh Wow " !" I can remember... Read more

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After reading all these reviews I am glad I hung up on the lady today. She has been blowing up my phone - work and cell about needing to call her back right away. Even sending numerous emails. She kept saying how she has been working HARD on getting my profile ready so it could go live on Friday. There was the whole trip to Mexico and it was an all expense paid. I told her NO numerous times and finally hung up on her. All she wanted was... Read more

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I just had the same experience. They were going to feature me as "professional of the week" in the next 2 days!!! I had to decide right away. Of course it would cost me $499 plus $29.95 processing fee. Then I would get 5 days in Cancun free! (for $528.95) but worth $1800!! But I had to pay my own meals and airfare. I asked what it the name of the resort but she never told me. I asked twice it was almost like she didn't hear me, but I... Read more

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I was contacted by e-mail by this company saying I was among the top 5% of industry professionals in NC. And while I do work very hard and have a good educational background, no way am in the top 5% when I'm only 25. I UNFORTUNATELY took a while to process this, agreed to be published, gave my credit card information... then got the bright idea to research them and saw all of the scam information online. I called my credit card company in time... Read more

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I was called and did the interview. The rep. gushed over me and my "accomplishments". Then she asked me for $800. I told her that's ridiculous to all of a sudden ask me for that much money. She offered $500. As I was in the process of telling her no again, I googled them and read these reviews. THANK YOU FOR THESE REVIEWS. She then offered me the final $198. I told her I need to sleep on it, and she at least gave me a 24 hour window. Not... Read more

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After reading all these issues I had to see for myself so I went to their web site and found information telling me I can apply on LinkdIN so I did that and a week later I got a call. The lady was very professional and friendly. She did my interview and then went over the programs. I was told about the special conditions for the free airline tickets right after she told me I was getting them which was I have to pay regular rates for my hotel... Read more

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